Future Vendors - Be Prepared!

Vendors can help themselves greatly by being prepared before they even think to approach a Real Estate Agency to sell their property.

Some of the things that need to be considered before putting your property up for sale are:


Speaking to family, friends and neighbours to see if and what experiences they have had with selling a home and which Real Estate Agent they used or would recommend.  Referrals are often the best way to find the best agent to help guide you during this sometimes emotional and anxious time. A good agent will remove a lot of the stress out of the sales process.

Price Strategy:          

Considering a realistic price for your property, not an emotional one.  The importance of the selling price you put on your home cannot be underestimated. You need to get the price right from Day 1.  It is the starting point where most purchasers will begin their search for a new home. If the price is too high, you will potentially knock out a big portion of a buyer group. The home may be on the market for months with little to no inspections and you may end up dropping your price anyway.  Conversely, if the price is too low, you may lose money.  An agent with local, up to date knowledge of the market will be able to assist you pin point an accurate price.

Legal Advice: 

Finding a reputable conveyancer or solicitor to prepare a Vendor’s Statement (also known as a Section 32).  You will need to provide this to prospective purchasers on request and a Contract of Sale cannot be signed without one. (Note – any fixtures and fittings that aren’t for sale with the home will need to be documented in the Contract of Sale so you will need to consider these carefully).


Professional photos – don’t discount the impact of high quality images. They draw more buyers to your home – we highly recommend them and can arrange to have these  done for you at a very reasonable cost. Providing a floor plan – this will help buyers visualise size and layout of your property.  They can start to think about how their furniture will look and fit into the space etc.

Property Presentation:

Presenting the property in a way that the buyer can visualise themselves living there is vital.  You want prospective purchasers to make an emotional connection which often leads them to making an offer. Decluttering, opening up space and removing personal and unnecessary items will help purchasers to picture themselves in the home.

When preparing your home for  Inspections, it goes without saying, the outside and inside of your home needs to be displayed in the best possible light.  You might like to consider hiring a cleaning crew to come through and make your house sparkle, have the lawns mowed, gardens weeded, any rubbish removed etc

One Agency Robert Mure we will take the stress and anxiety out of selling your home.  We pride ourselves in getting you the best possible price within the shortest period of time so you can get on with your next adventure.





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Future Vendors - Be Prepared!