Landlords' Rights and Obligations

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Many Australians now own an investment property and as a landlord there are certain guidelines  outlined in the Residential Tenancy’s Act and by Consumer Affairs Victoria which the landlord needs to be aware of and must adhere to.  It can be daunting and quite time consuming keeping up with all the rules and regulations, which can and do continually change and evolve.

    Here is a very compact list of some of the obligations (& examples) a landlord has to a tenant:

Maintaining a Safe Environment – proper fencing, working locks on doors & windows, removing tripping hazards.

Responding to repair requests promptly & keeping the premises in good repair – fixing dripping taps, falling curtains/blinds, hole in fence, toilet roll holder coming off wall.

Urgent repairs must be dealt with immediately –  Some examples of these are a burst water service, blocked/broken toilet system, serious roof or gas leak, dangerous electrical fault, serious flood, storm or fire damage, break down of essential service – for example heating or cooking facilities.

Landlord Insurance – a must have so you are covered for unforeseen events. Carefully check the policy to see what’s covered

Rental premises are vacant and clean before a new tenant moves in – carpets are steam cleaned, all rubbish removed, any maintenance issues rectified, gardens weeded, lawns mowed.

Following rules about proper notice periods – such as giving 60 days’ notice for a rent increase, including allowing for the appropriate number of days when notice is sent by registered post.

Fitting, maintaining & servicing of smoke alarms – needs to be documented, comply with industry standards and performed at least annually.

Giving the tenants peace & quiet in the premises – Landlords need to give the tenant at least 24 hrs notice before entering the premises, for reasons outlined in the Residential Tenancies Act.

At One Agency Robert Mure we have a diverse Property Management Portfolio.  We have a very experienced, professional and caring Property Manager who sees to all our Landlords and Tenants needs.

If you are looking for someone to manage your investment property or are unhappy with your current property manager, please give our office a call to discuss your individual requirements.

Cheers to a relaxing, stress free business partnership.

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