Tenant Hints

Helpful tips to secure a rental property


At One Agency Robert Mure we are continuously receiving enquiries regarding whether we have properties for rent or do we know of anything coming up in the near future.  When we do have a property to let, it is often snapped up quickly.




We have put together a list of certain things a tenant can do to help them increase their chances of securing a rental property. If these guidelines are followed it will also help them obtain a quality reference from the Property Manager if they ever have to move from the property in the future.

  • Not only paying their rent on time but keeping it paid at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Looking out for and reporting any maintenance issues in a timely manner
  • Keeping the premises clean and tidy, inside and out
  • Do not cause damage but if you do, reporting it as soon as possible
  • Respecting the neighbours rights to privacy, peace & comfort
  • Not using the property for any illegal purposes
  • Obtaining consent before you install any fixtures, make any alterations/renovations or change the locks
  • Following rules about proper notice periods for ending the tenancy
  • Having Contents Insurance

A tenant can upload the App – RentRight for smartphones – where they can learn more about rights/responsibilities as a renter, understanding condition reports and more.  For further information and to download the App, visit consumer.vic.gov.au/rentright. The final decision regarding which tenant is approved for the property rests with the landlord however if a tenant has “all their ducks in a row” it will increase their chances of being selected as the successful tenant.

“The following story appeared on the Today Show and offers some valuable information for any prospective tenants”


At One Agency Robert Mure we have a diverse Property Management Portfolio.  We have a very experienced, professional and caring Property Manager who sees to all our Landlords and Tenants needs.

Feel free to ring us or drop in and speak to us about your requirements. We may just have a property coming up, ready to be let, that would suit you.


T: 5997 2425        E: kooweerup@oneagency.com.au        W: www.oneagencykooweerup.com.au

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Tenant Hints