Exclusive Leasing and Managing Authority: Residential Property

The ‘Exclusive Leasing and Managing Authority’ (otherwise known as ‘The Authority’) is a binding contract signed between a landlord and the agent. In signing it, the landlord gives the agent exclusive rights to find a tenant and authorises them to manage the rental property.

The authority should include:

  • The agent notifying you of any damage to the property
  • The agent notifying you of any unpaid rent
  • How often the agent will inspect the property
  • All Fees and expenses, including any GST liabilities
  • The management fee – displayed in % as well as $ amount
  • If you wish to have any costs deducted from the rent including council rates, utility charges, insurance and creditors
  • Authorisation of agent to arrange urgent repairs up to a specified maximum $ amount
  • The amount of rent to be paid and how regularly
  • Bond amount
  • Leasing and re-leasing fee amount
  • Level of service regarding – letting, property management, periodic property inspections, accounting services, engagement of appropriate contractors
  • Privacy Policy

Many property investors ignore the crucial role a professional property manager can play in preserving their property’s capital value and maximising its income.


There is a misguided perception that the property manager’s role is just collecting rent however it is much more complex than that and too many landlords choose their property manager on fees alone rather than considering things such as their years of experience, how many properties do they manage (can they give your property individual attention?) and are they pro-active or reactive when dealing with maintenance issues?

A landlord should treat their relationship with their property manager as an ongoing business partnership therefore they should choose a top professional who understands their needs.

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Exclusive Leasing and Managing Authority: Residential Property