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Even though The Act does not permit owners to transfer the responsibility of installing, cleaning, testing and replacing smoke alarms solely to a Tenant, the Tenant is responsible for:

  • Reporting faults as soon as possible to the Landlord or Agency ie: alarm beeps continuously or makes an occasional chirping noise.
  • Testing the smoke alarm monthly by pressing the button to see if it is functioning properly. When you press and hold the button down on the smoke alarm, it should make a beeping noise.
  • Keeping the alarm and areas surrounding it dust free.
  • Always ensuring the safe use of electricity and power boards. Never plug a power board into another power board.
  • Never removing or relocating the smoke alarms.
  • Never doing anything to interfere with the alarm’s warning sound.
  • Ensuring access to the Landlord or service provider to install, maintain and service the smoke alarms annually or if faulty.
  • Only purchasing electrical products with either a regulatory compliance mark or Australian Standards approval mark.


Working smoke alarms will alert you to a fire in your home and give you enough time to escape safely. 

In the event your home catches fire, get down low to stay out of the smoke and if it is safe to do so, try to alert others of the danger on the way out. 

When you are safely outside and a good distance from any danger, call 000, ask for “Fire” and be ready to give the address and any other information required by the operator.

It is also recommended that Tenants have their own Contents Insurance as the Landlord’s Insurance will most likely not cover them if their personal belongings are damaged or destroyed by fire.

For more fire safety information visit: or

One Agency Robert Mure are very serious about our Tenants’ safety, the safety of others and taking care of our Landlords’ investment properties.  We work closely with an experienced Smoke Alarm Service Company to ensure compliance to regulations and that our rental properties’ smoke alarms are serviced annually.  Any reported faults are treated as urgent and rectified as soon as possible.

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Smoke Alarms - Tenants