Smoke Alarms

Are you 100% sure the in your rental property will work in the event of a fire?

The Landlord is responsible for installing, maintaining and replacing smoke alarms and batteries annually and keeping accurate records.

Landlords are legally obliged to keep their rental property/s safe and hazard free. As such, they are required to have properly fitted and maintained smoke detectors in each residential property complying with Australian Standards AS 3786 and Building Code regulations.

In order to assist our Landlords with meeting their legal obligations with respect to smoke detector compliance, One Agency Robert Mure has engaged the services of a specialised company to provide annual smoke detector servicing and maintenance.

The Services include:

  • A thorough maintenance check to ensure smoke detectors are in working order, within expiry, and positioned correctly.
  • Documentation of records detailing whether properties comply with current legislation. (Including Building Code requirements and compliance with Australian Standards, AS 3786)
  • Battery replacement (in accordance with Australian Standards, AS 3786 Section 2.3)
  • Button test to ensure effective operation
  • Smoke test to ensure effective operation


  • Cleaning detector and surrounding areas including vacuum cleaning the grill (in accordance with Australian Standards 1993, AS 3786 Section 3.4.8)
  • Replacement of faulty and expired smoke detectors where necessary. Ensuring that smoke detectors are securely fitted to ceilings (in accordance with Australian Standards, AS 3786 Section 2.6)
  • Decibel testing (in accordance with Australian Standards, AS 3786 Section 3.5)


This ensures our Landlords':

One Agency Robert Mure saves their Landlords’ stress, time and expense by organising and managing this service for them.

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