Presenting a rental property

Presentation counts for rental properties too

Most times when an Agency undertakes a leasing and marketing campaign for a rental property, the presentation is a result of the last tenant.

Legislation keeps the responsibility of vacating tenants to ‘reasonably clean’  which leaves a lot of room for interpretation                           .

There is much to gain getting the presentation of a rental property to a high standard.  In the first instance, the gain comes from the highest level of rent possible for the market at the time and a choice of tenants also comes to those who invest in a home that is well presented.  The cherry on top moment is the shortest possible vacancy period.

To get a property looking its best is not as expensive as you might think.

Things like sparkling windows, neatly pruned trees and an exterior house clean can result in setting the property apart from the rest on the rental market.

When was the last time you inspected your investment property just before a new leasing and marketing campaign? Is it a property you would live in?

Between the tenancies, investors can also check that everything is in working order.  For example, do the kitchen cupboards all close properly, is the toilet roll holder attached to the wall, do all the blinds/curtains close?  From a fair wear and tear point of view, do the carpets need replacing, does the interior/exterior need painting or does the guttering need repairs?


All of these issues can be taken care of between tenancies.

There is no doubt that a fresh and clean feeling property will achieve the best response – achieve highest rent possible, reduce vacancy periods and attract a larger tenant ‘pool’ to choose from.  It will also increase the chances of a longer tenancy period.

More than this though, a new tenant entering a property that is delivered to a high quality standard will start their tenancy without discontent around cleaning and repairs.

It also shows the tenant that the owner is proud of their investment, is proactive when it comes to maintenance and repairs and believes in taking good care of their property.

A highly experienced Property Manager, not one just chosen on leasing fees alone, needs to be engaged to assist investors in managing their properties.  It makes sense that an investor would look just as carefully into employing a Property Manager as they did in buying their investment. 

One Agency Robert Mure has an extremely knowledgeable, skilful Property Manager who has over 10 years of experience in dealing with all matters relating to property management.

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