Which Season To Sell In?

Does the time of year really make a difference?

We have all heard the hype that spring is the best time to sell but as the colder months approach does this time of year deserve the stigma of being the worst time to put your property on the market?

It does make sense to sell at this time of year, especially if your property’s best feature is the garden.  You can use the garden as a selling point because, let’s face it, the flowers are blooming, the weather is perfect and everything looks and smells great. 

But… often the supply of properties on the market increases in spring, yet demand may not.  Buyers have more to choose from and hence may reduce their offers in terms of price and conditions.

Over the Summer/Christmas holidays is the busiest time of year around the beachside areas as holiday makers’ flock to enjoy the sun, surf and sand.  If you have a home near the water or one with an attractive, inviting outdoor entertainment and pool area, you can use these stand out features as a main selling point to the seemingly never ending stream of potential buyers.

Many people do go away over the Easter break and there are more public and school holidays during this time.  However… this could be used to a seller’s advantage as there usually are less properties on the market to choose from.  People have also had time over the January/December break to re-evaluate their goals for the year ahead and moving to another area, purchasing a first home or acquiring an investment property might be one of the things on their to do list. 

Winter has always had the stigma of not being the best time of year to sell your home.  It’s cold, wet and dark, which may translate to fewer buyers being out and about searching for their perfect house.  However, don’t instantly discredit the colder months, as there also tends to be less properties on the market during this time of year, meaning less competition for you. Your property might be the type to come to life during these cooler months, especially if it has a comfy, cosy feel to it because of the warmth from an open fire place, and from the sunlight streaming through the north facing windows. 

So when it comes down to it, think about the unique selling points of your property and use them to their best advantage.

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