Five reasons you need a Real Estate Agent to sell your home

How can you remain as cool as a cucumber when you’re dealing with the heat of trying to sell your home? By getting the help of a trusted real estate agent, of course! If you were considering selling your home let us share five reasons why you need to sell with One Agency Robert Mure:

1. Selling a home takes time.

Many vendors vastly underestimate the time it takes to sell their home. A minimum of 3-4 months can fly by when you consider the time it takes to prepare the home for sale, get it listed, market it, show it, talk with buyers and sign contracts and then there is the typical waiting period of 60-90 days for settlement. Don’t have the time or energy to put in what it may take to list and sell your home? One Agency Robert Mure does.

2. Real estate agents know the market.

Of course, you may think you have an idea of how the real estate market is going for sellers in your area. Not only are One Agency Robert Mure agents well-versed in the areas where they live and work, but they also have access to additional tools that are not available to everyday sellers. Our Real Estate Agents can easily access information about recent sales. They also typically have great connections in and around the community who may be able to help with a home sale.

3. Their knowledge gives them pricing power.

Because One Agency Robert Mure agents have access to recent comparable sales, they are able to easily help their clients set a fair price for their homes. Sure, anyone can guess how much they think their home is worth. But, our real estate agents know how to set the prices that can bring serious buyers to the closing table.  

Another major reason you need One Agency Robert Mure when it comes to price is negotiating. Once you and your real estate agent have set a price for your home, he or she will take care of negotiating with interested buyers to get you the most for your home.

4. Real estate agents know how to attract serious buyers.

For every reason from helping you to properly stage your home to answering buyer questions and vetting prospective buyers, you need One Agency Robert Mure. In fact, some buyers may even feel turned off if they are forced to interact with a homeowner during an inspection or walk-through. Why? Many homeowners are rightly very proud of their homes, but they may have a problem being objective when it comes to buyer questions. Many prospective buyers only want the facts, not the family history of a home.

5. Our real estate agents will market your home like you simply cannot.

We’ve already mentioned how a real estate agent can help you stage your home for sale. Along with that staging comes taking professional listing photos, which a real estate agent also can help with. And, that’s just the beginning.  One Agency Robert Mure has access to real estate databases such as Domain and On top of all of that access, our real estate agents also know how to navigate traditional and digital media—including social media—to reach all interested buyers. Yes, they may suggest and host your open house; yes, they will talk to other agents about your home sale; yes, they’ll get your home sold.

If you need even more proof as to why you need One Agency Robert Mure to sell your home, contact us!

Get in touch with our Sales Consultants at One Agency Robert Mure today. They will help you through the process of selling your home.

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