Negotiating Buyers' maximum price and Sellers' maximum price

In a negotiation, a Sales Consultant’s objective should be to obtain the Buyers Maximum and Sellers Maximum Price and NOT a ‘quick sale’.

If you have sold your property or you are currently negotiating a contract would you take the opportunity to ask the buyer whether or not they would or could pay more? In our experience when this question is asked there are generally 2 answers:

So how do you know the buyer has paid their maximum price and you have not sold for your minimum price?

The real estate agent you choose to work with should ask themselves the following question on your behalf:

If they do not, they are NOT acting in your best interest and unfortunately a lot of agents are like this. They will ask you to accept your lowest price. 99% of the value of the remuneration you pay real estate agents is for that agent to negotiate on your behalf. Anyone can put up a sign and advertise a property for sale, but negotiating the best possible price is a skill that separates any agents from great agents. An expert is required to negotiate and receive the highest possible price for your property.

Ask your real estate agent if they could have received an extra $500 from your buyer just before you agree to sign. If the answer is ‘yes’, then you should send them back and instruct them to do what they are supposed to do and negotiate the highest possible price for YOU. This then becomes Buyers Maximum price and not YOUR Minimum price.  

Willing Buyer + Willing Seller is the definition of a Valuation. Some agents will tell you a property is valued at, or worth, what a buyer is willing or wants to pay. We believe a property is worth what, we as your agent, can persuade the buyer to pay, NOT what they want to pay.

Everyday most of us need to negotiate on something of value, and most of us wish we would have paid less. It’s a natural feeling and we all feel it at some time.

At One Agency Robert Mure our team focuses on a result that allows both parties to walk away with a feeling of success. However, we NEVER FORGET that we are working for the vendor. We strive to obtain the highest possible price on their behalf as this is what we are, and should be, expected to deliver.

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Negotiating Buyers' maximum price and Sellers' maximum price